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Projects For Pets

I have completed several cat sweaters for living cats as well as for Nigel at Leezaworks. I realized today that I had never really shared any of them here before. I’m here now to fix that! First, let me explain: Today was the magical day that I secured a spot for a vaccine. I drove over an hour and half to get to the spot and when I arrived, as usual, I busted out my knitting bag. The intake employee noticed and we started talking. This is one of the best reasons to Knit In Public; it starts conversations, it brings humans together, it creates COMMUNITY of strangers. So, do it! Knit in public!! #knitinpublic So this lovely medical provider person and I start talking and she makes it plain that she would absolutely want puppy sweaters made for her tiny dogs. How happy did that make me? Very! I gave her a card so we could connect again on this collab dog sweater project. That's when I realized Good God I have a black hole where my pet projects should be.  Therefore. Here we go. Nigel

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