Projects I am Making Presently (PIMPs)

  • Carina´s Rose City Rollers - (free pattern by Mara Katherine Bryner) trying to use up some of the yarn I bought from Canadian indie dyer, Christina (The Cozy Knitter). Her monthly yarn club is amazing for those who love getting packages in the mail, knitting socks, colors that are spot on according to their names, and self-striping yarn that is made with the precision of a surgeon. The Little Mermaid colorway I have to finish up is named ´Kiss the Girl´. Carina is the daughter of a friend of mine who keeps stealing the socks I made for her mom. And she's a sweet doll-face of a thief.
  • Luca´s Kurt Sweater - (designing it as I go) Cotton red and black yarn from KnitPicks is chasing me in my dreams. I have ripped this sweater out twice and I cannot sleep until it is done because summer is coming. Who needs a Kurt Cobain-inspired, goth, striped sweater in the summer?! Well, ok, maybe there is no rush. I have a moody 15 year old who refuses to dress weather-appropriate. 
  • Father´s Day Necktie - (designing it as I go) For Mother's Day, I get served a cup of coffee in bed. For Father´s Day, I make knitted things for my husband. Last year, my gauge was off and it was a very narrow scarf rather than a necktie. He's a wonderful person so he wears it to work occasionally on cold days but it is not my best work - by far. 2019 is the year I get to make it right with a decent one.


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