We are all WIPs

I´m a big fan of audiobooks while knitting. Ok. It's the only way I read fiction these days. THERE I SAID IT.

So, that's ok even though I purchase fiction paperbacks and leave them all over my house as if I intend to read them. It's f-i-n-e.

Back to the audiobooks! I ¨read¨ a great one! Mentors by Russell Brand The introduction ends with a quite poignant sentence (excuse me while I sound wuwu); ¨We are all works in progress¨. As a knitter, this reminded me of the lingo we knitters use for projects that are not quite finished yet; Works In Progress or WIPs. And, thank the Goddess that we are in-progress because, well, the alternative is worse.

Carry on knitting and making progress.



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