(late November) Gift Ideas

It's that time. Don't go on and have a panic attack just yet.

Here are the ideas I've come up with for quick knitted and/or handmade gifts:

Quick Makes

  • Hold that old stash kitchen cotton double to make extra fluffy and absorbent washcloths, market bags, headbands for daily face washing, or double-thick potholders. Pair with a gorgeous and pricey bar of soap, grocery gift card, luxury face masks, and a pretty ceramic serving bowl to go alongside each of the above.
  • Have a big amount of old-fashioned natural wool that you've had for a while (and it's going nowhere)? Knit up a VERY large (about double the desired size) pair of slippers, placemats, or a dog bed/cat cave and FELT it down to size.
  • Knit a scarf in no time by working from one end of the scarf length to the other on a long circular needle. Use a US11 or larger and hold any mixture of yarn weight to get a gauge of about 7 stitches per inch. Sew purchased pom-poms to the ends or make tassels from additional yarn ends.
  • Put a personalized spin on purchased gloves, jeans, socks, hats, cotton tote bags, or sweaters using an over-stitch technique with thick yarn or embroidery floss.
  • Personalize 2020 wall or desk calendars with important birthdays, anniversaries and other special family events for everyone of your close friends and family members. Wrap it up in a tea towel with a fancy box of tea and a fabric ribbon or baker's twine.
  • Instead of choosing store-bought toys for the very young children on your list, think about making them a few batches of non-toxic homemade dough in upcycled, air-tight containers. Include a rolling pin and cookie cutters. Make sure you plan a date to get together and PLAY WITH THEM.


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