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I have completed several cat sweaters for living cats as well as for Nigel at Leezaworks. I realized today that I had never really shared any of them here before. I’m here now to fix that!

First, let me explain: Today was the magical day that I secured a spot for a vaccine. I drove over an hour and half to get to the spot and when I arrived, as usual, I busted out my knitting bag. The intake employee noticed and we started talking. This is one of the best reasons to Knit In Public; it starts conversations, it brings humans together, it creates COMMUNITY of strangers. So, do it! Knit in public!! #knitinpublic

So this lovely medical provider person and I start talking and she makes it plain that she would absolutely want puppy sweaters made for her tiny dogs. How happy did that make me? Very! I gave her a card so we could connect again on this collab dog sweater project. That's when I realized Good God I have a black hole where my pet projects should be. 

Therefore. Here we go.


Nigel's Fave - The Signature Yellow Jumper
Limited Edition - stripes
Limited Edition - Valentine Jumper
Limited Edition - 'Pawty' Jumper
Limited Edition - 'The Dig' Jumper

I created this limited edition design for him to honor the movie 'The Dig' which happens to be a favorite of mine and Nigel's creator, Leeza of Leezaworks. 

If you would like to keep your eye out for Nigel and his jumper collection, visit Leezaworks 

Lucy Lou

Lucy The Service Dog: a living legend

Lucy Lou is my cousin, I guess? My cousin would say she's her daughter so. Haha. 
She has been accompanying my aunt to her chemo appointments and she needed the proper attire. 


These three are for Luca since he was invited to be the best "man" at his Bestie's wedding. They didn't work so we kept trying.

This one was the clear winner but it needed a little something special.

So. We reached pup-wedding-bowtie-nirvana eventually.

❤The Wedding Bowtie Luca deserved.❤

Pets That are Toys/Toys That are Pets

1st Teddy for my little newborn neighbor, Joey.

1st Bunny for Joey

Froggie Wash Mitt

These dangly earring pets were made for my sister's Asbury Park boutique, Interwoven AP She's the avant garde kid in the family. 


They sold out before they hit the counter. Not to brag or whatever. 
Thank you for visiting my pet page. Please enjoy a few family photos of us with animals we (have) love(d).

I brought Jesus to my appointment at Inspira Health in VERY South Jersey. (Not a pet, but.)

Marceline and Michelle (me)

Pretty and, my Dad, Vincent


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